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At Search2Close, our years of experience extend into every corner of the real estate industry. From multi-family housing to assisted living complexes – from vacant land transactions to large-scale commercial redevelopments – our experience with every facet of the real estate industry and obsession with accuracy have helped countless thousands close smoothly and on-time! With over $8 Billion in closed real estate volume, Search2Close is the preeminent choice for your Title and Closing needs (with the proven results to show it!)

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Multifamily Redevelopment

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Active in Your Community!

Search2Close is an active member of over a dozen organizations within central Ohio, including Local Area Realtor Associations and multiple Commercial Real Estate organizations. We stay active and involved, participating with these groups to remain constantly up-to-date in our ever-changing industry! Our involvement with (and knowledge of) the real estate industry helps both you and your clients in a number of ways – keeping you informed of important changes, maintaining the highest level of accuracy for your transactions, and helping to protect against fraud and other threats our industry faces.